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The Junior Family Stories
 Carole Lynn Junior

   Carole Lynn Junior

“If your life could be put in a nutshell”

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Birth to five…  December 30, 1937 to the summer of 1943  

A neat white house with two bedrooms upstairs that I shared with my sisters.  Rabbits in the back yard.  A school across the street where my sisters went with asparagus growing in the play yard.  My sisters and me sitting at the top of the stairs listening to our parents and their friends playing a game called “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”, when we should have been in the bed sleeping.  The start of World War II.  The blackouts and being afraid.  Rationing of gas, sugar and most earthing else.  What a brave or crazy parents we must have had to leave their families and all that was familiar, traveling with five children a dog and a friend, to a strange new city to live with War going on.  A long trip in a crowded car, driving through the mountains, and finally arriving in….

Atlanta, Georgia: Five to Ten years old….Summer 1943 to Summer 1948

The awful food at the Atlanta Bible Institute where Daddy was studying to become a minister.  The big house on West Peachtree where we lived. Starting school at Clark Howell and throwing a screaming fit everyday when Daddy would leave me.  Hiding black-eyed peas in my little red pocketbook so I didn’t have to eat that awful southern cooking.  The bedroom upstairs that my sisters and I shared.  Being put to bed, Mother going downstairs, Barbara hopping out of bed, jumping in with Dixie and me, Sue crawling under the bed and with her feet bouncing us up and down.  Mother coming back to see what was all the ruckus.  Barbara and Sue running back to their bed and all of us pretending to be asleep by the time she made it up the stairs.  Mother back down, Barbara back in the bed with us.  Sue under the bed, etc., etc.  Gary preaching hell fire and damnation in front of the fireplace (he was all of about three).  Uncle Leo in his Army uniforms visiting us and giving us gum.  Someone poisoning our dog Blackie and Mother crying.  Daddy trying to start a business to support us while attending school.  The blind piano teacher finally telling my parents that I was hopeless at piano.  Gary putting the pearl button from my lavender dress up his nose.  Barbara telling me there wasn’t really a Santa Claus (thanks Barb).

Moving to Adair Avenue and changing schools.  Mother reading to us “Henry the Newspaper Boy” and crying because it was so sad.  With the war on there was little candy.  Sue and I finding a Baby Ruth candy bar in the cabinet taking it out under the fig tree and splitting it.  After a couple of bites looking down and seeing that it was filled with worms.  Daddy starting the mission in the slums of Atlanta on Pryor Street, with the big neon sign that said, “Jesus Saves”.  The old school bus he bought so he could take the children on picnics at Grant Park.  The little man with no legs who scooted down the street on a skateboard.  Sunday night after church stopping at the fruit and vegetable stand on Memorial Drive.  (Could this be why Sue to this day can’t pass a stand with out stopping????)  All of us kids getting head lice.  After church one night going into Mother and crying because I was afraid I was going to hell and Mother and I kneeling by her bed and her leading me to Christ.   The end of World War II…driving into Atlanta and the thousands of people dancing, laughing, crying, singing and kissing each other because the war was over.  Moving to a big house on East Lake Drive.  Having to change schools again.  Selling the bacon fat to the butcher shop and getting to keep the money.  The housing shortage after the war was over and Daddy making apartments in our basement garage.  Grandma and Grandpa Schwander, Uncle Bob and Aunt Helen coming to live with us.  Mom ironing on the side porch and listening to her Soap Operas...”Stella Dallas.  The continuation of the air of a true to life story of a Mother’s love and sacrifice.”  The Smiths who lived in our basement apartment.  Mr. Smith who showed us all the latest cowboy and Lassie movies that he borrowed from his friend before they were shown in the movie theaters.  Their children Linda and Tommy.  The little playhouse we turned into a saloon until Daddy found out.  Spying on Gary (Roy Rogers) and Tommy (Gene Autry) in their hideout under the bushes on the second terrace.  Bobby and Henry Young and their little sister Rosa who lived next door.  The friendship and wars we held on a daily basis.  In the summer lying on a blanket on the front yawn with my sisters and learning the new songs (Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan of Dowdy) from the sheet music they would buy.  The streetcar at the end of the street that Barbara and Sue were allowed to take on Saturdays to Atlanta and shop.  Dixie and I getting our first bikes.  Corky being born (the only one Mom planned she told us in her last years).  Mother being sick and visiting her in the hospital.  Running away from school each day afraid she would die while I was gone.  Uncle Bart spanking me and taking me back to school.  The car and half that Daddy bought…finally a car big enough for six children.  Moving to Florida……..

Ocklawaha, Florida….

Ocala Clearwater and St. Petersburg….Summer of 1948 to Summer 1952

Living on Lake Weir.  Learning to swim underwater.  Deciding to become a jungle girl when I grew up but being afraid of bugs.   Spending most of my time in cowboy boots and living in a tree.  Babysitting Corky and ditching him any chance I got.  Making paper dolls with Dixie.  Dixie and I taking a boat out on the late without permission and a big storm coming up and nearly drowning.  Not getting caught.  Putting corn on my teeth and singing “I’m a Little on the Corny Side” when Jim and Morris came for dinner.  Getting a whipping after they left for showing off.  Loving the two-room school I went to.  Staying after school to help my teacher Mrs. Batch then driving home with she and her husband in their old one seat coup.  Stopping to get A & W root beer on the way.  Going to their house with my girlfriends Sharon and Delores and playing Canasta.  Loving Tommy Duff.  Going to Flemington on Sundays.  Going home for dinner with Patricia or Anita.   Dinner on the ground.  Cork getting into the paint Mom and left out and painting everything in sight.  Sue and Jim getting married.   Going to the Mixson fam to spend the night.  Jim teaching me how to jump on a horse without putting my foot in the stirrup.   Maxie letting me drive the tractor.  Moving to Ocala and hating it.  Barbara and Morris getting married.  Youth for Christ meetings.   Daddy dropping Mother and me off to shop and then going home and forgetting we were with him.  Uncle Bart coming to visit and taking me for a ride on his motorcycle.

Moving to Clearwater and living at Trinity College.  Moving to St. Petersburg.   Taking the bus with my girlfriends into town to shop and to the beach to swim.  Sneaking into the movies to see “Sunset Boulevard”.  Getting caught smoking by the old lady behind us who tattled to Mom.  Playing baseball on the corner lot.  Moving back to

Atlanta. Atlanta, Summer 1952…..1965

Moving to Gresham road.  Starting the ninth grade at Southwest DeKalb High School.  My best friend Susan Wester.  Going out for Varsity Cheerleader and being the only ninth grader to make it.  Spending the next three years at football games, basketball games, and after game dances.  Sock Hops.  Hanging out with girlfriends.  Talking on the phone.  Spend the night at parties.  Date for the movies most Saturday nights.  Going to the Varsity.  Flirting with the boys from Georgia Tech.  Summers at Misty Waters, swimming and dancing.  Hayrides, climbing Stone Mountain, hot dog roasts.  Going to church at Wrenwood Baptist where Daddy was pastor.  Going out with the young people after church on Sunday night to get Krispy Kream Donuts and Milk Shakes.  Having to clean the house every Saturday before we could do anything else.  Mom baking for the weekend, two pies and a cake.  Mom putting on the roast before we left for church and the big Sunday dinner.  The first party Dixie and I were allowed to have in the basement rec room.  Climbing Stone Mountain after the proms.  Cheer leading practice. Mom and Dad, Gary and Cork moving to Florida.  Dating Bob Williams.  Bob joining the Navy.  Running away and getting married in 1956.  Moving to Rhode Island where Bob as stationed.  Danah being born.  Daddy having a heart attack.  Taking Danah and flying to Florida.  Moving back to Atlanta.  Vandy being born.  Buying a house on Meadow Lane.  Danah starting kindergarten.  Vandy roller skating around the house at three.  Having Sunday dinner with Nanny and Pop.  Trips to Gainesville to visit family.  The Cuban embargo.  Gary hitch hiking to see me with a nickel in his pocket. Carrie being born and having to cut her hair when she came home from the hospital.  Dixie staying with us and Kristi being born.  Kennedy being shot and killed.  Dixie and Bill getting a divorce.  Dixie and me, with children moving to a house near Piedmont Park.

Gainesville summer of 1964 to December 1966

Mom and Dad building Dixie and me a house in Gainesville.  All of us moving down to the Ranch.  Flag always flying.  Daddy packing his station wagon with F&E Check Protectors.  Sunday afternoons when most of the family would come out to swim and ride horses.  Christmas with the family and anyone else who didn’t have a place to go.  Having to put up with the “recreation director”, brother Gary.  Gary’s crazy hayrides though the fields.  Getting the job at the Ramada Inn.  The trouble Kristi and Carrie would give Mary the housekeeper.  The girls loving the ranch and being near Pop, Grandma Junior and all of their cousins.  Gary with and eye patch on one eye beating off the men with his cane, who tried to make, passes at Dixie and I, at the University Inn.  Dixie getting married again.  Missing Kristi.  The girls and I moving back to Atlanta.

Atlanta 1966.  Realizing how difficult it was to raise three children, work and date.  Meeting Dick at a Young Republicans Social.  Divorced with a three-year-old daughter Kristen.  Started dating and getting married in June 1968.  Moving to Fairfax Virginia.  Buying our first home.  Kristin visiting.  Vacationing at the shore.  Carrie and Vandy taking riding lessons.  Danah writing poetry and all the teenage boys looking at her in awe as she read it to them.  Making wonderful friends.  The children’s wagon parade campaigning for Nixon.  Vandy and Marie’s plays.  Seeing the sights of Washington after church on Sunday.  1971 Dick taking a job in Pennsylvania and moving to Buck’s County.  Buying a beautiful new home and making more great friends.  In 1975 Dicks father dying and in 1976 my heart breaking when Daddy dies.  Vandy taking the train to Temple and Danah going off to state college.  Football games in the fall at Penn State with Phyllis and Jim.  Selling our home and leaving our friends and moving to Florida the summer of 1978.

Tampa Bay Area….Summer of 1978 to present.

Moving to Tampa area and finally settling in Palm Harbor (now Dunedin).  Being nearer to my family.  Kristen coming to live with us.  Over the years the girls getting married and all but Kristen living near us.  Our first grandchild “Katy” with Molly, Jefferson, Nicholas, Shelby, Emily and Harrison following.   Vandy and Molly coming to live with us.  Watching our daughters turn from girls into women and our grandchildren from babies into great kids.   We have had a happy times and sad times, my friend Barbara dying and watching Mother slowly slip away from us, were to of the saddest.  There have been up times and some down times but all in all being blessed with a wonderful family and seven beautiful grandchildren (God willing) soon to be eight. Thanking God for the Mother and Father he gave me and the three sisters and two brothers that have always been there for me.  Their wonderful mates who have become like my brothers and sisters. What more could a person ask for.

As Jim says…I tell it like it is……Carole Junior Williamson.

Gary Junior