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The Junior Family Stories

Junior Family Heritage Album

In 2002 my cousin, Kelly Junior, created three scrap books about the Junior family as a gift for her father, my mother's brother, Gary Junior.  Volume I covered Grandma and Grandpa Junior and an introduction to the children, Barbara, Sue, Dixie, Carole, Gary and Corky.  Volume II focus was on Barbara and Sue and Volume III covered Dixie, Carole, Gary and Corky.  Kelly went to each of the aunts and uncles and gathered old family photos they had then artfully arranged them into the scrap book.  To go along with the scrap book, she asked each of the aunts and uncles to write what they remembered about growing up and about their lives.   These are those stories.

In order by age

Barbara Rose Junior
Sue Beverly Junior
Dixie Lee Junior
Carole Lynn Junior
Gary Rex Junior
Fred “Cork” John Junior