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The Junior Family Stories
Sue Beverly Junior

  Sue Beverly Junior

 I was born Sue Beverly Junior, May 21, 1934 in Allegan, Michigan.  My mother said I was the pride and joy of my Dad.  It was during the depression and Dad was home a lot so his time was spent spoiling me.  Mom said I was so mean that they would put Barbara on the bed to play so that I couldn’t get to her (I am not proud of this).  I think that by my Dad being home with me so much probably was the beginning of the love that I had for him and the bond I always felt for him.  I do not remember a lot of events in Michigan, as I was quite young when we moved.  I do not know at what age I was when we moved from Wayland, MI to Grand Rapids.  I do remember our last home on Division Avenue and Town Line Grammar school, and that my Mother and Dad were saved at Wyoming Park Gospel Tabernacle.  Mom and Dad remained friends with the Yepima’s, in fact Rev. Yepima preached revivals in Dad’s churches.

Dad was called into the ministry and that was when we moved to Atlanta, GA.  Dad attended Atlanta Bible Institute, had a wife, and five kids (Cork came later).

I attend East Lake Elementary school and Murphy Junior High School.  We lived in a beautiful home in Atlanta (after a few years), had a collie named Shep and even had a maid.  Mom still required us to do housework and learn to cook.  Even back then I liked to cook.  We always had big evening meals.  Dad loved the kitchen too and loved to buy groceries.  He provided well for his family.  

Barbara and I went shopping every Saturday.  We had lunch downtown and always had money to buy books and small items.  I do not believe this was my introduction to become one of the world’s best shoppers.  I love to cook and shop to this day.

We moved to Florida where I started the 9th grad.  We had a home on Lake Weir in Ocklawaha and went to school at Weirsdale.

Dad pastored a church in a small community called Flemington.  That is where I met and eventually married my husband James (Jimmie) Mixson.  We had one son.  Daniel James (Dan).  He is a fine Christian man.  I am so proud to be his mother.  He has been a blessing to use both.

Jimmie worked for Belk Lindsey Department Store.  He started in St. Petersburg, Florida from there we moved to Cocoa, Florida, then to Titusville, Florida, then to Gainesville.  Dan was able to finish high school in Gainesville and two years at Santa Fe Junior College, then to the University of South Florida.  After graduation he went to Indonesia for two years as a Journeyman with the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Upon his return in 1974 he me and married Judy Pettit.  We have two grandchildren from that union – Daniel James born May 17, 1977 and Vanessa Ellen, March 17, 1981.

We moved to Melbourne, Florida in 1974 where we lived until 1998.  We loved Melbourne (after the adjustments of another move).  We were active in our church, First Baptist of Eau Gallie.  I was church hostess for eighteen years and Jimmie was a deacon and served on the finance committee as well as serving on may service and civic clubs.  He joined the Rotary Club in 1974 and is still a member.

We took square dancing lessons for two years and loved it.  We were members of three clubs and danced two and three nights a week for about twelve years.  We met so many new friends square dancing and with our friends at church we led a very active life.  We still have close friendships in Melbourne.

We built a beautiful new home in Melbourne in 1995, lived in it for two years and decided to move back to Gainesville.  Jimmie had retired in 1990 so with Dan and his family and most of mine in Gainesville, we decided to move back.  I am so happy that I lived here for a year before my mother died.

When I was twenty-six years old and living in Cocoa, Florida I realized then that I had made a profession of faith but had not yet committed my life to Jesus Christ.  Jimmy was saved at that time and I made a profession of faith and knew then what a personal relationship with the Lord is.  Dan also made a profession of faith at that time.  I am thankful that I have a Christian husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

My one desire is to serve the Lord in whatever capacity that I can.  We love Westside Baptist Church.  I love that a lot of my family attends there tool.  My prayer would be that all of my family would come to know the Lord before they die.  

I acknowledge that I am not a good storyteller, but if you ever want a good meal that is where I excel.

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