Boy Scouts

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Before Boy Scouts, I joined Cub Scout Pack #84 in 1964.   I remember going to meetings at a house on what we called the "double street" (NW 36th   Street) Cub Scout Hatwhich was just a couple streets over from our home on 36th Drive.   The meetings were run by the mother of the scout that lived there.  I remember we had snacks and did activities, of which the one I remember Cub Scout Neckerchiefmost fondly was the building of Pinewood Derby cars which were carved from a block of wood.      In 2019 I was going through some old boxes at my Dad's and found my Cub Scout neckerchief and hat with my name written inside. 

The following year, my brother and I joined the Boy Scouts, Troop 376, which met at the church behind Littlewood Elementary school on 8th Ave.  Mr. Tyre was the Scout Master who had an older son in the troop who became an Eagle Scout. 

Larry and David in Boy Scout uniforms Larry and David in Boy Scout Uniforms

Boy Scout HandbookLarry and David's Boy Scout Handbook

I remember was going to Woolworth’s downtown to buy our uniforms and other Scout things.  They had a small section with all sort of Boy Scout merchandise which really liked to look at.  We could only afford the basics, my brother and I even had to share the same handbook but on one trip was so excited to get a Boy Scout pocketknife which I treasured for many years. 

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