27 NW 36th Drive
Gainesville, Florida

HouseMom in front of the house in 1998

I have many found memories of this house. I lived there for fourteen years and my parents lived there for forty years.  When I return to Gainesville I sometimes go by the old house and remember the fond memories our family had there. It is also sad to see how the old neighborhood had decayed for many of the houses have been turned into rentals for students attending the University and are not kept up. Here are some stories about the house and the neighborhood.

House Dad's flowers in the back of the house 1998

Stories About Home

The Early Years
Rainy Days
The Yard
My Lab
Secret Room
The Neighborhood
Neighborhood Map
Skateboard Hill
Mosquito Spraying
Kite Flying
Frisbee Tag
Hogtown Creek
The field
The Lake

Larry Mixson 2008 

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