Mixsonian Larry

Skateboard Hill

Skateboards these days are sophisticated toys with modern wheels and materials. In 1964 we had true "skate boards" that we made by taking old roller skates, separating the front and back wheels and nailing them to a board. The best place to skateboard was a road weOld skateboard called Skateboard Hill. Skateboard Hill was a new road with a smooth surface that had just been paved in a new neighborhood not far from where we lived. It was perfect for skateboarding being wide, smooth, gentle sloping, about a quarter mile long and no traffic because there were no houses on it yet. Although we did go skateboarding there, what I remember having the most fun was going down the hill on a go-cart that I had made. The go-cart wasn't much more a board with wheels in a simple I shape. A board in the middle to sit on with the top and bottom of the I being the axels and wheels. The thing about the go-cart was I made it with the wheels from my old soapbox derby which were really super wheels. One or sometimes two of us would sit on the center board with the person steering putting a foot on each side of the front axel to steer with your feet and a rope to hang on to. With a good push you could hit close to 30 miles an hour going down the hill.