Mixsonian Larry


2090 Lake Audubon Court
Reston, VA   

Lake Audubon
Townhouse on Lake Audubon

    At end of our lease in the townhouse on Autumn Ridge Circle, Julie had been looking around Reston and found a townhouse on Lake Audubon in Reston which then we moved to.  We both loved living there, to be able to look out over the lake, walk around it, take a raft out on it, see the sun setting over it, it was a wonderful place to live.  Each day and with the change of seasons the lake took on a different appearance, always beautiful.  One winter it froze over and, growing up in Florida never having seen a frozen lake, I walked across it.  Not the smartest thing to do but I made it across and back.  At the end of our fourth year there we asked the owners if they would sell it to us but they said no so we started looking around Reston and found a house on Sunder Court.