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Nebie and Bob

Nebie (died October 8, 2010)
Nebie is one of the smartest cats I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I once put a "Cat tape" on the VCR which had birds and squirrels in it.  Nebie went up to it and watched it intently then tried to paw at the front of the TV.  When he found he couldn't get to them he went around the the back of the TV to get to them.  Nebie has taken to a leash well, I let him out back on a 20 ft leash and sometimes take him for walks around the neighborhood on a leash.  Nebie suddenly be came ill in late September, 2010 and slowly declined each day until he passed on October 8th.

Bob - (died December 17, 2010)
Bob got his name because he had his tail cut off thus having a "bob tail".  I got Bob from Anne.  Someone had brought Bob into the clinic and Anne had to operate on his tail.  Where Nebie is smart, Bob is one of the dumbest cats.  A door can be open a inch or so and Bob can't even figure out how to open it further, he just sits there and meows. Bob started losing weight in the summer of 2010 and in November was diagnosed with having colon cancer.  He didn't' seem to be in any pain and was pretty much his usual self up until December he stopped eating and within a few days he passed away.