Rosalie 100th Birthday Photos
Photos are the families of Rosalie's three sons.
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Rosalie and son Morris's Family
Anne Mixson, Kristopher Stallworth, Brenda Stallworth, Tom Stallworth, David Mixson
Larry Mixson, Barbara Mixson, Morris Mixson, Rosalie
Kaytlyn Woodruff, Zackary Woodruff, Beth Woodruff, Coral Woodruff
Rosie Mixson Luke Gary Mixson
Rosalie and Decedents of son Adrian (not shown)
Rosie , Gary, Adrian Jr.
Erika Luke, Amie Bachle, Ashley Sanders, Donnie Luke, Armand Caudron
Monica, Louisa, Philippe, Vicki, Susan Rachel Kristy Caudron
Robert Mixson

Rosalie and son Arnold's Family
Children and grandchildren of Arnold.

Rosalie and Decedents