Deeply Rooted
The Story

   Deeply Rooted started out a just a collection of short stores I had written over the years.  I have always liked the telling of a good story, particularly if it was about old times, family or experiences of the person telling the story.  I was fortunate that my Grandma Mixson wrote a journal about her life which my mother then typed up and gave us grandchildren a copy.   Being inspired by that, my mother then wrote a journal of her life and then had her mother, my Grandma Junior, to do the same.  I tried several times over the years to have  my dad write things about his early life but could never get him to write more than a few paragraphs.   Over the years I had written up a few stories about my own life and put them on my website Mixsonian.com and then added the stories my mother and grandmothers had written.  

The story is based on real people and real-life events that I have embellished with plausible detail.  The story can be read chronologically or by skipping around in time and place.  Throughout the story are links to other people, times, sources or related material such as the writings of my mother, grandmother and others.  If you wander off the main path of the story, don’t worry, you can come back to the Deeply Rooted index to find you way back.

Deeply Rooted, The Story

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