Mixsonian Larry


Church was an integral part of life of the people in the Flemington and Shiloh areas at this time. In 1906 Wilbur Mixson and his sisters Bessie and Alice attended the less strict Shiloh Methodist Church while James Kirkland Mixson, Annie Mixson, J. Gilbert Mixson, Don R. Mixson  and other Mixson’s attended Flemington Baptist Church.  Both churches struggled, the Flemington church notes that one Sunday they collected $2.89 from the congregation.  The people gave what they could, mostly pennies and nickels with an occasional dime and fewer quarters.  Being mostly farmers, the people had very little cash to spare.  What little they did have went to basic staples need to live on.  Neither church had a regular minister and at times had traveling ministers that served several churches and would only be at their church one Sunday a month.

Fred Junior is Born

In the summer 1906 Ferdinand “Fred” Norman Junion and his wife Mary Odile Drossart had their fourth child who they named Fred John Junion.   The Fred’s great grandfather Jean Lambert Junion had migrated from Belgium to Wisconsin in 1855.  Fred would later change his last name to Junior in be instrumental in the development of the Flemington Baptist Church.