Mixsonian Larry

Grandma Anderson

Rosalie loved her Grandma Anderson who would often stay with them after, her grandfather, died. It was Rosalie’s grandmother that taught her how to make cornbread and cookies and cook them on the wood stove.  After the cookies cooled, her grandmother would put them in a pillowcase to keep.  Rosalie thought for the longest time that everyone kept cookies in a pillowcase and was surprised when she got older and found out that it was only her grandmother that did so.  Rosalie always remembered her grandmother sitting by the fire early in the morning smoking her pipe. She only smoked about three times a day but used snuff all the time. She made a pocket in all her dresses to carry her snuff box, her knife.  Her grandma always had a needle on the front of her dress to sew up any tear or sew on a button for the children.  Rosalie remembers how her grandmother would scrub wooden floor and then put down sand that was white as sugar on the floor to keep it clean longer.  After a few days the sand was swept away and the floor would be clean and white. Rosalie was ten years old when her grandmother died.  Rosalie missed her grandmother greatly for they had a special bond and Rosalie would remember her fondly for over a hundred years.