Mixsonian Waive 

Waive and Jack

Waive and JackWaive and Jack

Waive and Jack Waive and her younger brother Jack were always close, and she always looked after him.  One Sunday in July, their father said he would take Jack and a couple of his friends fishing when, just before they were to leave, it started to rain when a couple of Jack’s friends came by in their Model T Ford.  Jack told his father he that he didn’t want to go fishing in the rain and wanted to go with his friends, but his father said no, and they went fishing.   After returning to home, they changed into dry clothes and had dinner.  Later that evening, Jack’s friends again returned, and Jack snuck out of the house and went them against his father’s orders not to.  The roads were slick from the rain, as boys do, they went to fast around a corner and lost control of the car and crashed.  Jack was thrown from the card and died before help could arrive.  Waive felt a deep loss with Jack gone and would remember him fondly for the rest of her life.

Updated: 11-17-2022