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Larry 2nd GradeLarry 2nd Grade

On Monday the first of September school started with David starting kindergarden, me in second and Brenda in third all going to the newly opened Littlewood with Mrs. Johnson as my teacher.   Yes I know it is spelled “kindergarten” but mom always called and spelled it “kindergarden” and I did so to until older and the spelling checker on the computer kept correcting it. The school was really nice being all new and it was about a half mile closer to our house cutting our bike ride time.  Mom for the first time in eight years had no kids at home for several hours of the day when we were all at school.  Mom said, “Sure seems funny with all the kids gone to school.  They were all so cute, all dressed up, riding their bicycles to school. And oh the wonderful freedom I now had with them all in school.  I sure can work fast. ”  By work she meant house work which she was able to change the beds sheets, clean the house and get the ironing done in record time without the interruptions of dealing with three kids.

The first Sunday in September we skipped church and went out to Grandma and Grandpa Mixsons and Dad mowed their grass while we kids played and Mom talked to Grandma. After Dad finished mowing the yard we went to Betty and Billy’s and had Sunday dinner and spent the afternoon with them then getting home before dark.

David, Larry, HappyDavid, Larry and Happy the dog

  We soon settled into the school routing with us kids getting up in the morning, dressing and then we would have breakfast, usually cereal but sometimes oatmeal or cream-of-wheat in cooler weather and then we would ride our bikes to school.  When we got home we would usually play for until dinner time and then do our homework right after dinner.  Dad would work for Grandpa Junior on most Saturdays and Sundays we would usually go to Sunday School and church and afterwards visit family or friends.

At the end of September on the 26th Dad went to the first Florida Gator football game where Florida played Mississippi State and won 14 to 13 making Dad very happy when he got home.   A few days later Uncle Gary came home on leave from the Navy, and we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Junior’s to see him.  Gary had been a little on the heavy side and had lost a lot of weight in the Navy. Mom said, “he looks really cute in his uniform.”  He gave both David and I a sailor cap which I really loved and wore it all the time for the next year or two.

David, Larry with sailor cap, Brenda
Going to School

Larry, David, Brenda going to school

Updated: 07-11-2022