Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara

The Mixsons

On Saturday January 16th Grandma and Grandpa Junior, Gary, Corky, Donald and Irene came over for Mom’s birthday dinner which she cooked for everyone.  Just before dinner, Mom was surprised and happy that her Uncle Bob, who has the same birthday as Mom, called from Michigan to wish her a happy birthday.  Mom said, “How about that! Just to say Happy Birthday!”   A long distance call, especially one from Michigan to Florida, was expensive in those days and was usually only happened when someone died.

In the spring Mom, Dad and us kids went to see Grandpa Junior preach in a tent revival on an empty lot near Steven Foster Elementary School on NW 40th Avenue.  Grandpa’s preaching was most impressive, almost fearful, with lots of Bible waving, pounding on the pulpit and mopping of his brow.  The offering, Grandpa explained, was to go towards the fund to build a church on the lot.  At the end several people came forward and were saved.  The church building was completed later that year and Grandpa named it The Bible Baptist Tabernacle.  We attended a few times, but we mostly went to Westside Baptist Church.

The Baptist Tabernacle Church
The Bible Baptist Tabernacle
Name was change in 1994 to Oak Hill Baptist Church


To Mother 
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School was going well where we saved our practice writing papers and put them together into a booklet to give to our mothers for Mother’s day.  In June I graduated from second grade making mostly 3’s with a few 3 minuses and a 2+ in writing the first period and reaching Second Reader Level II by the end of the school year.

In July of 1960 we went on vacation with Grandma and Grandpa JuniorEllinor Village at Ellinor Village in Daytona Beach.  Ellinor Village was on the beach which rented small duplexes, cottages and apartments. Grandpa rented several units, one for them, one for Sue and Jim and Danny, one for Carole, Bob, Dana and Vanda and one for our family.   We had a really good time, playing on the beach ocean but we spent most of the day in the pool.  One afternoon we had chicken fights in which I sat upon Uncle Gary’s shoulders and David on Corkys, or me on Dad and David on Gary’s.  The objective was to knock off the shoulders your opponent.  It sometimes got a little rough but it was great fun.

in the pool at Ellinor Village
Grandma and Grandpa sitting in chairs watching us kids in the water

in the pool at Ellinor Village
Dad with me on tube, Corky in front

a couple more months before she told Brenda, David and me.  Brenda was very excited about having a baby sister.   Dad got a promotion at the Chemistry Department to Assistant Curator and a $400 a year raise.  Dad’s brother Arnold also worked at the University as a campus policeman.

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