Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry

11th grade

In September I started 11th grade and Brenda 12th.  GHS had become so crowded that they had two sessions with half the students going in the morning and half in the afternoon.  Brenda and I both went to the early session that started at 7AM and got out at noon.  Brenda having a car was nice, no more riding the bus.  Each morning Dad would get up and fix us breakfast while Mom would sleep in and get up after we left for school who then would send David and Beth off to school.  Brenda and I got out of school at noon which was nice in that we came home for lunch, no more bringing lunch to school. Frisch's Big BoyOccasionally we would stop and get lunch at Frisch’s Big Boy [photo] that was across the street from the school. On one such occasion we picked up our food which we were going to take home to eat.  Brenda was driving and I was sitting in the passage seat holding the food in one of those cardboard holders they gave you for takeout, hamburgers, fries and milkshakes, when on the way home Brenda suddenly slammed on the brakes and the milkshakes flew out of my lap hitting the glove compartment in front of me and spilling all over the floor.  Brenda nor I were happy about losing our milkshakes or cleaning up the car.  Fifty years later when I ask Brenda if she remembered this and she said yes but I was driving and that I stepped on the brake thinking it was the clutch which caused us to stop so quickly. 

My MultimeterMy Multimeter

For classes I signed up for the required English and American History then Algebra 2, Physics 1, and Electronics. I was really happy that I no longer had to take PE. I was initially excited about taking Electronics and had hoped to learn more about electronics but soon found the class was very basic, I already knew from my own studies more than we covered in the first few months of class.  When teacher announced we would be building AM radios from kits, I at first was excited but soon turned to disappointment when I found the kits were vacuum tube radios, like how dumb was that, transistors were the thing and I had already built a two transistor radio from scratch at home, why would anyone build a vacuum tube radio? So, I asked the teacher if I could build a different kit, one I had found in one of my many catalogs, a kit for an electronics multi-meter which could measure, voltage, current and resistance, more practical that an old tube radio, something I could really use.  The agreed so I ordered the kit and while the other students in the class were building tube radios, I assembled my multi-meter.  Well before the other students were finished building their radios, the teacher said that I actually had to build a radio, giving some reason or another why, so I built the tube radio kit in addition to my multi-meter.  After a couple of years, the radio got discarded while I still have and use the multi-meter to this day.

On October 11th NASA launched Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission which sent the first live television broadcast from orbit and tested the lunar module docking maneuver.  

On November 4th Uncle Gary married Dianne Dowling at Westside Baptist Church that we had been attending for several years.  Although not the minister of the church, Grandpa Junior performed the marriage, it was the first of several family weddings that Grandpa would perform at Westside.

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