Mixsonian Larry


I finished the Spring quarter doing a little better than I did before making an A in Introduction to Computing, a C in English and D’s in American Institutions and Calculus 3.  I came close to flunking Calculus. I never understood why, but finals for classes were held on a different days and times then when the classes were held.  The Calculus instructor said the exam would be at 8 o’clock which I took to mean 8 PM.  When I showed up no one was there, so the next day I called the instructor and found out the exam was at 8 AM. The instructor was nice enough to let me come to his office and take the exam which I did.  Even so, I barely made a D for the course.  My scholarship warning was continued.     

In June my brother David graduated from GHS. In June my brother David graduated from GHS.  Here he is on his graduation with his Ford Pinto that Dad had bought him.  Years later David told me he loved the car, he drove it for years and got over 150,000 miles on it.  I have to give Dad credit for picking the right car to fit the son, for me a ’68 V8 Camaro, and for David a ’71 Ford Pinto.

David with his Ford Pinto

Updated: 12-14-2022