Mixsonian Larry


I had only been working at the UFCC for a short time when they hired another student programmer, Windy.  Windy was a year younger than me and majoring in Computer Science. Windy and I soon began to spend much of our time at work talking to each other.  Wendy was very cute, petite, deeply tanned, with sun-bleached blond hair, glasses, had an odd sense of humor, was fun, upbeat and I begin to really like her, and soon we became good friends.  Every time they played the song Windy by the Association on the radio I would think of Wendy because it fit her so well.


Who's peekin' out from under a stairway
Calling a name that's lighter than air
Who's bending down to give me a rainbow
Everyone knows it's Windy  

Who's tripping down the streets of the city
Smilin' at everybody she sees
Who's reachin' out to capture a moment
Everyone knows it's Windy

The only problem, was Wendy had a boyfriend named Sean.  Wendy and Sean had known each other since high school and had had been going together ever since and although they lived together, she told me her and his parents didn’t know.  Wendy and Sean lived in a small one room house that was in the back yard of a house on NW 36th road overlooking Hogtown Creek. Oddly enough it was the same house that my Grandpa and Grandma Junior owned with the small house they lived in being the office that Grandpa used for his Book and Bible business.   Wendy and Sean made a beautiful couple, they always were so loving, understanding, and affectionate with each other.  Sean was a really nice guy. I understood why Wendy liked him.  Windy and Sean came from Indialantic, a small beach town on the east coast of Florida.  Wendy said her and Sean would spend hours at the beach together, which was a few blocks from where they lived, with Sean surfing and Wendy sunbathing.  She told me that her only objective at the time at the time was to lay in the sun and become a chocolate turd.  

Even with Wendy having boyfriend, we became good friends and I also became friends with Sean.

Updated: 05-30-2023

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