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I had been in contact with Melody some since I had left Gainesville, I saw her once or twice when I was back in Gainesville visiting and we talked on the phone a couple of times.  After talking to her on the phone in April, I wrote her a letter which I ended up not sending.

Melody, Melody, Melody,

   Is what I want to say. So how have you been keeping yourself, happy, sad?  You sounded a bit distraught when you called.  To hear from you made me happy, made me smile.  Spending time with you brings me much pleasure. You are soft, gentle, stubborn, sensitive, so very sensitive.  Your not a surface person, you see much more in people, in me.

   I feel that you have been hurt by someone in your past.  Remember, your past is gone, the present is but the instant now, an instant swiftly moving into the past.  Let the past be remember but as a good book, to be reopened and read at times, but to be put on the shelf when not in use.

   You sounded so distraught when you called. I wanted to touch you, comfort you, tell you its all OK.   We have already warned each other about each other, but I’ll tell you something, when I think of you, which is often, I want to be with you. I like you, I like the way you think I am, i.e. I like the image you have formed of me.   

You should come down this weekend, fantastic sun, beach, etc.   I offer to pay for the airfare because I could spend some time with you.

She did not come visit but shortly afterwards she told me she was very happy, she got was accepted into a University exchange program to go study with a dance troupe in Poland.  In August I wrote a letter to her in Poland inquiring how she was doing.  In late August she sent me a letter back saying she was doing well but had not started dancing yet as the dance troupe was on tour but she was having a good time seeing things in Poland.  She said she and visited Warsaw, Auschwitz, and Zakopane, she commented how poor Poland was and how the people had very little meat and when there was some there were long lines of people to get some.  She asked if I could send her some peanut butter as there was none in Poland and no one had even heard of it.

Melody Letter

Updated: 03-14-2023

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