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St. George's Island

St Georges Island

In August I drove up to St. Georges Island for a few days and the week after I got back, I did the painting above as seen from my open van door. My journal entry..

Saturday, August 27, 1977
St. Georges Island  

   Here I sit in my van, the side door open with the sun sinking into the Gulf, the sound of gentle waves breaking upon the shore but a few feet away.   My mind and body are calm, for traveling somewhat aimlessly around the Gulf shore, ending up on the island, has given me the time needed to collect myself.  These occasional excursions of mine are when I recuperate from several months of intense work, putting me back in touch with Nature, people and time.  

  Both a primary and secondary rainbow can be seen across the bay towards the mainland.  The storm has been building up all day, from a clear sky in the morning to tall cumulus clouds in the late afternoon.  It came quick, I barely having the time to close the windows, I could see the approaching rain as a wall moving quickly towards me.  

   Inside the warm, dry shelter of my van I have a change of moods, for just moments ago I was sitting upon a large piece of driftwood soaking up the last rays of the sun, my body looking golden and noble standing balanced, straight and erect peering into the golden sun.  A mood change indeed for I now sit in my modern shelter on an island which I got to be crossing a feat of modern engineering.  Alone with no person in miles.  My van being buffeted by strong winds, with the rain pounding upon the roof.  My thoughts gently flowing, much better than this pen, from thing to another.

Updated: 03-14-2023

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