Mixsonian Larry

Sinkholes, Caves and the Devil’s Millhopper
A trip to hell and back

Frozen Troll

After a short rest, Warren continued on, finding his way in the dark, one tunnel after another, and more than a few wrong turns and dead ends when he came to a larger opening and had to use another of his precious matches. He again looked away from the match as he stuck it, the match flared up and there before him exposed by the flash was a giant monster, looking like cross between and octopus and a troll, it was a monstrous thing, ten feet across, twenty feet high, a bulbous nose, long dreadlocks of hair going from its head all the way to the floor.  Warren drops the match with it going out as it hits the floor and he stands there in the darkness thinking he had been discovered but he hears nothing, then a plonk sound, like a drop of water hitting a pool, he waits.  A few minutes later hears it again, plonk, he waits, no other sound other than what appears to a drop of water every couple of minutes.  Maybe it wasn’t a monster he thought as he took out another match and lit it seeing before him a giant rock formation made by the water dripping over eons, it was actually quite beautiful he thought.  Although not a monster, it did have some characteristics of oneTroll including what appeared to be to be an arm with a hand at the end pointing in one direction.  If Warren had the time and light, he would have discovered it actually was a monster, a giant rock troll, frozen long ago with the mineralized water dripping over it, coating in a mineral deposit called travertine.  At the base of the stone monster were small pools of water which Warren eagerly drank after realizing how thirsty he was after his arduous journey.  In the short light of the match, Warren had seen several openings and decided he would take the passage the stone monster was pointing at and continued on his way.