Mixsonian Larry

Sinkholes, Caves and the Devil’s Millhopper
A trip to hell and back


After some time Warren grew tired, he had been travelling in the caves for although he wasn’t sure how long it, he figured had to be several hours or so when he came across a sandy spot he laid down to rest and immediately fell asleep.  Warren awoke from his sleep feeling something on his face, which without thinking, he brushed away, coming fully awake feeling refreshed from his sleep.  After sleeping, he was a bit disoriented about his surroundings, so he lit another match to determine which way to go. The match flared up and all around him, on the floor, on the walls were thousands of pure white spiders which scuttled back away from the light of the match.  All around him, just at the edge of the light he saw thousands of red eyes, some small dots, some the size of marbles and a few even larger. Ghost spiders, he had heard about them, they lived so long deep in caves they turned white and would eat most anything that they found in the cave.  Holding the match up before him he procced down the path which he thought was the way out with the spiders staying just out of the reach of the light, then just before the match got to his fingers, he flung it out in front of him and ran as fast as he could through the spiders, not looking back until he was what he hoped was well beyond their reach.

Glow Worms