Mixsonian Larry

Sinkholes, Caves and the Devil’s Millhopper
A trip to hell and back

Climb out

His new hope was soon crushed when he came to what appeared to be a dead end, but he new the draft was real, there must be a way out when he thought, maybe there was, he was standing up and couldn’t touch the ceiling of the cave, the way out was up.  In the dark he felt his way, finding a handhold, then a foothold, one after another he climbed, almost falling more than once when a hand or foot slipped before one hand reached up and over, he was at the top.  He pulled himself over the edge and collapsed in a heap, every muscle in his arms and legs shaking.  As he laid there and rested images of him running across a grassy field on a bright sunny day floated in his mind and wondered if he would ever see the sun again. 

After resting he felt his strength returning and he got up and proceeded onwards when he came to a crossroads, but he sensed the correct path was neither left nor right and proceeded straight ahead when he came to another dead end but this time he looked up and thought he could see the slightest glimmer of light, but it was a good 75 feet above him, with no other choice he began climbing.    Halfway up he thought he was done, every muscle in his body ached, his fingers were getting stiff, his legs about to give out but Cave Entrancefortunately  there was a slight curve to the rock which he draped himself across it like a lizard, by pressing his body to the rock he was able to hang on with little effort allowing him to rest.  After a few minutes he gathered all his remaining strength and pushed upward into the ever increasing light, reaching the top an pulling himself over.  After a short rest he continued following the light upwards soon reaching the surface and he climbs out into the open exiting from what appears to be a gash in the earth made from some giant’s axe. At first Warren could not see, after days in total darkness with only the occasional light of a match, the bright sun hurt his eyes which begin to tear, not only from the brightness but from the joy he felt.  Wiping his eyes on the dirty sleeve of his shirt, they adjusted to the light and he found a glorious day, it was an amazing crisp cool autumn afternoon, bright and sunny with a few puffy clouds in the sky, he had never felt so happy.