Mixsonian Larry

Sinkholes, Caves and the Devil’s Millhopper
A trip to hell and back


Warren pulled himself up and walked down a dirt road, his feet shuffling in the fallen leaves, to a nearby house and knocked on the door.  The woman that answered later said she thought he was a zombie freshly raised from the dead as he was covered in in dirt from head to toe, his clothes torn and looking like rags, a dark blood red mud caked stain running down his arm from the scratch he got, bloody scratches on his head where he had bumped it, he was a mess.  After recovering from her fright, she realized it was a young man under all the dirt who looked like he was about to collapse, when he politely asked, “Could I have a glass of water.”  “Sure son, you sit right there and I’ll get you one.”, she replied pointing to a rocking chair on the porch, she sure didn’t want him coming into the house with him being so dirty. After seeing him sit in the chair, she went into the kitchen.  She had heard from the radio about a boy that had gone missing a few days before so she called the Sheriff’s office and told them she thought it might be the boy and they said they would send a car out.  She filled a glass of water returning to the boy who was sitting in the chair slowly rocking back and forth with a dazed look.  “Here’s some water hon.” she said in comforting voice that only mothers have, handing him the glass of water which he quickly drank and asked for another. She then asked his name, and he told her “Warren”, the name of the missing boy.  

The Sheriff soon arrived and asked Warren where he had been the past four days and he told them he entered a cave at the bottom of Devil’s Millhopper and got lost, it took him all this time to find his way out.  He didn’t say anything about the figure who led him into the earth or the things he had seen.  Even so the Sheriff didn’t believe the boy was telling the whole truth, after all he himself and been down into Devil’s Millhopper with his friends when he was a teenager, and he knew there was no cave at the bottom.  The Sherriff let Warren’s story go seeing how shaken up he was, but thought he would be fine so he drove him home.  Warren never told what happened to anyone until a few years later while having a few beers at a local bar with his friends.  They asked what happened those days he was missing and he told them the whole story.  They listened raptly, amazed at the story Warren told, of course they didn’t believe a word of it, but it would be a story they would always remember.