Mixsonian Larry

Sinkholes, Caves and the Devil’s Millhopper
A trip to hell and back


March 19, 1968, Warren Ogletree, known as “Bo”, along with a teenage girl entered Warren’s cave. Bo had graduated from GHS the before and was attending the University of Florida while the girl was a senior in high school at GHS. The two of them descended into the cave past the first drop going deeper into the cave safely but upon their return they both fell with Bo striking his head on a rock leaving him unconscious while the girl broke her arm and injured her back.  Amazingly the girl managed to climb up out of the cave with a broken arm and got help. It would be several hours later before they were able to retrieve the still unconscious Bo who was taken to Shands Medical Center at the University of Florida where he remained in critical condition and a coma for four months.  Bo did awaken and was released but lost muscular control of many parts of his body from which he never fully recovered.


-- The End --