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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy


Asbury Coke Mixon, son of Elijah and Charlotte Aughtry Mixon, was b. in Newton County, GA, Sept. 15, 1824, d. Nov. 7, 1919 at his home in Newton Co. (A. B., Emory, 1845 and A.M., 1860), taught in the high schools of Georgia almost fifty years. On Dec. 5, 1847, he m. Sarah Ann Raiford Aikin - b. d. June 2, 1891.


1850 District 46, Jasper, GA, age 26, wife Sarah-23, children: Virgina-2

1870 Brewers, Newton, GA, age 46, wife Sarah-43, children: Seaborn F-19, Emma T-16, Margaret W-5

1880 Brewers, Newton, GA, age 56, wife Sarah R-53, children: Emma-26, Margaret W-14

1900 Brewers, Newton, GA, age 75, children: Emma T-47

1910 Brewers, Newton, GA, age 85, children: Emma T-57


321 Nice Virginia Mixon - b. Oct., 1848, d. Oct. 25, 1850

*322 Seaborn Asbury Few Mixon - b. Nov. 10, 1850

323 Emma Thomas Mixon - b. Jan. 5, 1853, d. Oct. 6, 1936, unmarried.

324 Dickerson Steele Mixon - b. Sept. 5, 1885, d. Nov. 5, 1866 (thrown from a mule).

325 Eunice Henry Spearman Mixon - b. July 13, 1860, d. Sept. 1, 1861.

326 Sarah Coke Mixon - b. Sept. 25, 1862, d. Oct. 16, 1862

327 Margaret White Mixon - b. Oct. 16, 1865, d. Dec. 5, 1935, m. April 5, 1891 to John Clark Reynolds - b. April 21, 1870, d. Sept. 18, 1933. (He was the son of Amos P. and Mary Brewer Reynolds). Children:

6242 Raiford Ray Reynolds - b. Feb. 24, 1893

6243 Mary Ruth Reynolds - b. May 6, 1899

(Neither of them have married. They have in their possession several letters written in the 1820s to the 1840s to their great-grandfather, Elijah Mixon, from different members of the kindred who remained at Aurora, N. C.

The following is an article published in a newspaper, probably in Covington, the county seat of Newton County, GA

AGED ALUMNUS OF EMORY COLLEGE IS BELOVED BY MANY (Linton E. Starr) Emory College, Oxford, GA, February 12 (1909) - Special -

"Far out in the seclusion of the country and away from the bustle of the town, a dozen miles from this place, there now lives the distinguished old Rev. A.C. Mixon, A.B. and A.M., the third oldest living alumnus of Emory College, who now numbered among his classmates and warmest personal friends while in College Judge L.Q.C. Lamar, Thomas F. Pierce, and others, and who is the oldest living teacher and preacher in Newton County. One of the first setllers in Oxford, this venerable divine enjoys the distinction of being the only living man who has known Emory since the college was in her swaddling clothes, and has served his church and his state in the same county within a few miles of the institution and watched her remarkable growth since her birth in 1836. He has watched the virgin campus oaks give way to handsome buildings; has seen the endowment grow to a half million dollars; saw Young J. Allen, Longstreet, Haygood and the many other famous Emory men come and go, and is now living the days on the afternoon side of the meridian of live of few regrets, in good health and prosperity at the old Mixon homestead near here.

Rev. Mixon was born 12 miles south of Covington, Newton County, in 1824 and was named for Bishops Asbury and Coke. His parents moved to Oxford in 1837, the year Emory was founded and built one of the first houses in the town. At the age of 15 young Mixon began his preparation for college under Dr. Mell, who later became chancellor of the state university; he entered Emory in 1841, and finished in 1845 with the fifth class ever to be graduated, taking third honor. Soon after graduation, Mr. Mixon began teaching and later was licensed as a Methodist minister. After having taught continually for forty-four years, he left off the work in 1895.

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