Oliver Kenneth Mixon, attorney at law, judge, legislator, son of Oliver and Mary Griffin Mixon, adopted by John L. and Minnie Baker Mixon, was b. in Atlanta, GA, May 28, 1917, d. May 11, 1987, bur. Westover Memorial Park, Augusta, Richmond County.  A most remarkable man, he was blinded in one eye at the age of four by a pop-gun pellet and lost the sight of the other eye at the age of eight.

His adopted parents sent him to the State School for the Blind where he studied until the age of 16. The next two years he studied law at Mercer University, stood the State Bar examination at age 18 and passed. He and his family live in Augusta where he maintains a law practice.

A former State Legislator, in 1966 he was appointed an Associate Judge of the Municipal Court in Augusta. In 1968, he was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. In June, 1968, he was honored by being awarded a plaque by the Atlanta Rotary Club for being the most useful blind citizen in Georgia.

He m. Dorothy Louise Ouzts on Nov. 28, 1946. She was b. Jan. 14, 1927, the dau. of Daniel Bell and Minnie Alice Wood Ouzts of Greenwood, SC Their children:

3710 John Leonard Mixon III - b. Oct. 16, 1947

3711 Richard Timothy Mixon - b. Feb. 11, 1951, d. Dec. 27, 1973

3712 Teresa Faye Mixon - b. Dec. 12, 1956



George Edward Mixon, physician, diabetic specialist of Ocilla, GA, s. of Oliver and Mary Griffin Mixon, adopted by John L. and Minnie Baker Mixon, was b. in Savannah, GA, Jan. 29, 1919, d. May 23, 1984, bur. Westover Memorial Park Cemetery, Augusta, GA.

Like his brother, Judge Oliver K. Mixon, he has not only made notable strides in his profession, but is active in the civic, social and religious life of his area. He is a Sunday School teacher and a member of the Official Board of his Methodist Church. Healso is a sponsor of the Boy Scouts, and is a Mason, an Elk, a member of the Georgia Medical Association, the American Geriatric Society, the American Medical Association, World Medical Association. He is listed in "Who's Who in the South and Southwest", in the Directory of International Biography, and (British) Royal Blue Book. His hobbies are coin collecting, golf, genealogy, keeping up with space developments, and is a member of the British Interplanetary Society.

He and his wife are members of various social clubs, and Mrs. Mixon is listed in the "Gold Book of American Women". Dr. Mixon is an Emory graduate, 1947, and received his M. D. from the Medical College of Georgia, 1951. On March 23, 1943 he m. Christine McCurry of Cedartown, GA, b. Jul. 15, 1919 d. Jun. 3, 2003, bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Cedartown, GA.  Their children:

3713 Caroline Louise Mixon - b. Mar. 22, 1944, m. James Warren Hurt (see #10630), August 16, 1964

3714 George Edward Mixon, Jr. - b. June 8, 1950, married July 18, 1970 to Linda Hunter - b. Jan. 22, 1952, the dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Emory Hunter of Ocilla, GA. The wedding took place at the First Methodist Church in Tifton, GA

3715 Lorraine Kay Mixon - b. Jan. 10, 1955

Dr. George Mixon, in November 1971, became President of the Georgia Family Physicians, whose membership totals about 600. He says the days of the general practitioner are gone, and he has planned an ambitious program for all members of his association by 1) to put in a Family Practice Department at the Medical College at Augusta. He is asking the Appropriations Committee of the Georgia House of Legislature to appropriate $500,000 for that purpose and has notified the Board of Regents of the University of Georgia to that effect, 2) he is encouraging all his fellow members Fri take the hoard examination (American board of Family Practice, now recognized by the American Medical Association) to place him in the "specialty Class". (Dr. Mixon stood this examination in 1970 and passed after being out of College for 20 years) and thinks most all others could pass, 3) is asking the new family practitioners to establish clinics in rural areas (about five together) so they can have time off, go to school more, establish retirement systems, as well as furnish the necessary health care for their area without overworking and killing themselves. Dr. Mixon mentions further about the newer medical schools putting in Family Physicians Departments where they are training physician’s assistants (a type of army medic to do a lot of the physicians work, certified but not licensed).

In early 1970 Dr. Mixon was invited to Atlanta to meet and talk with Robert Young at. an Easter Seal meeting. Mrs. Young ("Dr.Welby") had appeared as a celebrity sponsor for the Easter Seal Donation drive learning that the Mixons had planned a vacation in Hawaii later in the year, they were invited by Mr. and Mrs. Young to visit with them while in Los Angeles. They spent a day with the Youngs there, Mrs. Young picked them up, at their motel, carried them to the production studio where Mr. Young (a TV celebrity and Emmy Award winner) was being filmed in the "Epidemic" episode. The Mixons had lunch with the Youngs at the Universal Studio Restaurant, where they saw Many other TV celebrities.

Lorraine Kay Mixon, dau. of Dr. and Mrs. Mixon, a long time fan of Hawaii 5-0 had been invited by letter from Jack Lord, the star of the production, to visit his TV studios in Hawaii where the pictures were filmed and to watch the filming. This she did during her vacation with her parents in Hawaii. She and Jack had a picture made together and he told her it took an average of eight days to film and complete one of the episodes.

Keester Sweeney, the makeup artist, "made up" Lorraine who had several pictures taken with him in the set. Mrs. Mixon and Lorraine were also included as bystanders in the making of "Hawaii 5-0" episode "Reunion.'

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