Total Solar Eclipse
March 7, 1970

In March of 1970 there was a total solar eclipse which some friends and I traveled to see.  The nearest place to see it was in Geogia so we travel there in my friend Bill's car.  

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Yes it got 
				dark, as the photo below shows but click on photos or arrow for 
				more of the story.
Some friends of Bill's also wanted to go so we stopped by their house.  I don't know why she was looking at the trash
Bill's younger brother also went
Bill's friend making breakfast
Bill's friend
There house was sort of run down and I wondered how they could live in such a place.  A few years later I lived in one much the same.
A reminder to the girlfriend to take her pill.
There bedroom had black lights and glow posters, I had never seen such a thing before.
Here we are in Georgia in an open field.  Bill's brother, me, Bill, Bill's friends who were a couple.
Bill's car which I remember well as he picked me up to go to school in it.
Other people in the field gathered to see the eclipse.
Van full of equipment.
And it began...
Getting darker...
and darker.