1969   1970

Grade:         Twelfth
Where:         Gainesville, Florida
School:         Gainesville High
   Speech           Elliot
                       Physics II       Cooper
                       Algebra III    Rhea, Knellinger
                       Biology           Kallison
                       English           Susong

Clubs:              Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics

       Junior Academy of Science

The summer after I graduate from high school I took a job at the the University of Florida computing center .

Florida GatorUniversity of Florida
  After the summer break from graduating from highschool I started classes at the University of Florida taking the following classes.

American Institutions
Comprehensive English
Intro to Chemistry
Engineering Orientation
Anal Geom & Caculus I
Basic Phys Ed

 I did fairly well making three C's and two B's.  (yes it does say "Anal" Geom, that is how it was on my transcript :)