1970   1971

On My Own

    In the summer of 1971 I decided to move out of my parents house.  A friend of mine, Bill, was already living on his own butDuplex Where I lived wasn't happy with where he was living so we decide to get a place together.  We found a two bedroom duplex that was finished and so we took it.  It was a pretty good place although the furniture wasn't much it was adequate for the two of us.  Our place soon became the hang out for many of our friends who still lived at home.  The other side of the duplex was always rented to students, when we first moved in there were two guys from Fort Walton Beach. After them theere were two college girls, one kind of chubby and ther other with fritzy red hair.  The chubby one seem to show and interest in Bill while the fritzy one chased after mee. Then two two older guys who were in Veterinarian school. 

  I was fortunate to not get drafted for the Viet Nam WarDraft Card.  My draft number in 1971 was 156 and the highest number they called that year was 95.  I remember going down to University Avenue in Gainesville where the students were demostrating, there as a bench or something in the middle of the road burning, students wandering the street when the police started shooting tear gas into the crowd. I started to run and got only the tinyest bit of tear gas in my eyes and I remembered how it burned. The draft in was abolished in 1972.

  In 1971 I stopped working at the U.F. Computing center for a job in the Soils department.  


Florida GatorUniversity of Florida
I continued my studies at UF with the winter quarter taking the following:

Winter Quarter
American Institutions
Contemparary Reading
General Chemestry
Analytical Geom & Calculas 2

I didn't do so well that first winter quarter making three D's and two C's and was placed on Scholarship warning.  Not enough studying and too much partying.  I started the spring quarter but after a few weeks I withdrew for I knew I wasn't going do well.