Mixsonian Larry



In 1970 Simon & Garfunkel released  "Bridge Over Troubled Water" which became one of my favorite songs.  The Beatles released their album "Let It Be" which I didn’t buy, there were only two songs on it that I thought were only fair, the title song and “I’ve Got A Feeling.”   "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" and the fun song "Spirit in the Sky" played on the radio a lot.  Bee Gees released Cucumber Castle and I bought it right away and it spent a few weeks on the turntable.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, or CCR as they were known, released a new album with “I Heard it Though The Grapevine” with the following verse that I related to.

You know that a man ain't supposed to cry
But these tears I can't hold inside
Losin' you would end my life you see
'Cause you mean that much to me
You could have told me yourself
That you found someone else
Instead I heard it through the grapevine
Not much longer would you be mine
Ooo I heard it through the grapevine
And I'm just about to lose my mind

Most of CCR’s songs were more country than I liked, but they were one of Bill’s favorite bands so when he heard they were playing in Jacksonville he asked me and a couple of others to go.  Five us got into Bill’s Mustang and drove to the Jacksonville football stadium and saw them.  It was the first time I went to a band concert.   I found it interesting but didn’t see the appeal of seeing it live and thought the music was too loud.


Westerns were still popular at the theater with Chisum with John Wayne and Two Mules for Sister Sara with Clint Eastwood coming out.  Then there were the World War II movies, the comedy Kelly's Heroes which I enjoyed and the more serious Catch-22 which made me think I didn’t want to get drafted.  There were a few others but none that I found all that interesting.

Updated: 11-29-2022