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My '68 Camaro

1968 Camaro

My ’68 Camaro, it was like the coolest car ever, I would often just drive it around town because I liked driving it so much with the freedom to go where and when I wanted.  I was still quite active with the youth group at church and started to talk more with Bill when I found out that he was really into cars, and he worked at a car parts store.  Bill also had a cool car, a 1967, baby blue Mustang convertible. I have to admit that it was a really sweet car, but I still liked mine better, after all his Mustang only had a 289 V8 engine while my Camaro had a larger 327 V8.  Bill new a lot about cars and we soon were talking about cars all the time with him telling me about things I could do to mine to make my car better, meaning faster, and with him working the car parts store, he could get me a discount on the parts.  The first upgrade was simple, add shackles to the rear leaf springs raising the rear of the car up three inches which supposedly help with traction but also made the car look cooler.  Bill got me the shackles, less than ten dollars with his discount and he help me install them.   Next was changing the single exhaust pipe to dual exhaust pipes which Bill exCherrybomb Mufflerplained would add a good ten more horsepower.  Bill got me the new pipes along with two low restriction, Cherry Bomb mufflers as they were called.  Bill brought all the parts over, I parked my Camaro under the carport of our house, and with Bill’s help took off the old single exhaust and installed the new dual exhaust and Cherry Bomb mufflers.  Wow, did it make a difference, not only having more power, but really sounded cool although was a bit loud.   Over the next couple of years I would make additional improvements.

Updated: 11-29-2022

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