Mary Romeu Yoga Workshop

When I signed up for Mary's workshop I didn't know what to expect. I had read the brochure and knew it was about the Three A's of Anusara Yoga so I felt that it would be a good thing so I signed up. I am glad I did for the experience was a most wonderful. Starting with Friday night the pranayama, meditation and restoratives was just what I needed after a very stressful workweek. But what I didn't expect was how the class ended. The chanting with Ram Das was most wonderful. I have found that increasing I like doing OM with a group. When the group opens up and harmonizes it is a most wonderful feeling. When opening is done with a chant it is even more wonderful. What really touched me the most though was during the final Savanasa. The Ram Das selection May played reached out and touched me deeply. I didn't understand the words in my mind but somehow the words reached in and touched something in my heart and brought tears to my eyes. When the piece switched to the flute I found that the flute spoke the same thing. It was a most wonderful experience.

I found Saturday morning's class strong in the principles of the three A's of Anusara. The class was a strong workout but I enjoyed it very much for we did many poses I really like the revolved poses and the arm balances. I must say that I was somewhat exhausted from the class but after lunch felt renewed and was ready for the afternoon class. I was glad though the afternoon class was shorter and less strenuous for by the time the class was over I was very tired. 

On Sunday I was excited about another class with Mary. I found I really liked her approach to the opening of the heart, the shoulder loop. Carrying this theme though out the poses I found most rewarding. During the closing chant I once again found my heart touched and felt a wonderful warmness come over me which bought tears to my eyes. 

One thing that Mary said will stay with me and if I become a teacher I will always remember. She said that although she was here to teach us she also was here to learn and be taught by us. Mary most wonderfully illustrated the Anusara principle of Attitude and I am most thankful for the experience to have shared her teaching.

Larry Mixson May 20, 2001