Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 was a family reunion year with the family gathering at Gary Junior's farm near Hawthorne Florida.

The Junior Brother and Sisters
First Generation
Cork Junior, Jimmy Mixson, Dick Williamson, Gary Junior, Morris Mixson
Connie Junior, Sue Mixson, Carole Williamson, Diane Junior, Barbara Mixson, Dixie 
The Second Generation Second Generation
Josh Junior, Eric Junior, Kristi Smith, Dana Hey, David Mixson, Larry Mixson, Brenda Stallworth, Danny Mixson
Sarah Junior, Krystal
Third GenerationThird Generation
Jordan Smith, Zack Woodruff, Hugh Smith, Shelby Hey (holding ?), Venessa Daughtery (holding son), two boys
Morris playing horse shoesMorris playing Horseshooes
Fourth GenerationsForth Generation