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Starting once again Feburary with  a yoga vaction in Mexico with the Health Advantage Yoga center. 

In the summer I went out into the country where they had a model airplane airfield and had a "Fly In".  Also went kayaking with my daughter on Father's Day.

In September I went to the Renaissance fair in Maryland with my daughter and her husband.  I had never been to one and it was fun.

In October a small group from Health Advantage Yoga Center went o Hawaii for a week.

Went back to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving and went to the Florida-FSU football game with my Dad.

I also left AOL to go work for a computer hosting company called Carpatha.

Model Airplane FlyinModel Airplane Fly In
Full Moon Over Lake Anne Renaissance Fair Ladies Dancers and Renaissance Fair Ladies
Kayaking Kayaking Kayaking with my Daughter on Fathers Day
Me and Dad at Florida GameDad and I at the Florida Game
Thanksgiving Family eating out Thanksgiving week