The Secret Room

In 1963 the movie "The Great Escape" came out and it inspired me to make a secret room. I cut a hole about 18 inches square in the floor of my lab, made a trap door and then dug out a hole under the building. I took the dirt out a little at a time, like in the movie, spreading it out in the yard and flower gardens. With the hole about five feet deep and about five feet square I then covered it all in carpet. I then ran some wires from a small transformer in my lab above to some lights in the room. It was quite cozy. At some time I let David in on it and we would hang out in secret room. A year or so after building the secret room I had found several Playboy magazines out in the woods by the lake and I stashed them in the secret room. Somehow my sister Brenda found out about the secret room and my stash of Playboys and she told Mom and Mom made me gather them up all and she burned them in the grill.