Mixsonian Larry

Not to be confused with Fishing

I have had aquariums and fish since, well very young.  I'm not really sure when it was but I seem to remember theGoldfish Bowl first fish being a goldfish in a classic goldfish bowl.  When I gold older I had a five gallon aquarium with zebras, mollys and tetras.  After a couple of years I moved up to a 10 gallon which I had off and on for many years though college.  After I got married my I got Anne my daughter interested in aquariums and we started with a 10 gallon, then moved up to a 20 gallon Aquariumwhich we had for many years.  Anne then found an ad for a 50 gallon and she bought it.    A few years latter the week before we moved to our house on Sunderbriar in Reston she saw an ad for a 90 gallon which she bought and we set up as soon as we moved in.  After Anne finished veterinarian school she got a place of her own but it was too small for the aquarium.  "Officially" the 90 gallon aquarium was still hers and she would come over once a month and spend a good hour cleaning it.  After a few years of that she finally one day made the aquarium officially mine.  The aquarium was always good entertaninment forBob watching fish the cats as seen here with Bob.

 In 2009 I finally got tired of taking care of it and asked Anne if she knew of anyone who might want it.   One of the staff where she works wanted it and he came over and took it away.