Mixsonian Jimmy

More Children

In August of 1929 Wilbur and Rosalie’s third son was born and they named him Francis Arnold but everyone called him Arnold.  

James Darlington MixsonAlso in 1929, Wilbur’s brother, Maxey Miles and his wife Iva Mae Mixson had their first son who they named James.  Following family tradition, his middle name was Darlington like his grandfather.  James Darlington and Morris Darlington Mixson would become lifelong friends.

In 1929 there was the fall of the stock market and the beginning of the Great Depression.  The Mixsons, like many country folk, didn’t have electricity so they didn’t have radio’s.  When they got the news, it was often days or weeks later depending if they or someone went into town and bought a newspaper.  When they heard about the Depression, they did not think much about it for it didn’t affect their farm life much, they continued farming their land and getting by.