Mixsonian Ruby Schwander

The Schwanders

Some thousand miles to the North of the Mixsons in Florida,  the Schwanders in in Michigan also faced the depression years.   Charles Schwander did not believe in taking something for nothing, but was more than willing to work for trade.  They were fortunate because, while many were starving, they had plenty to eat growing lots of vegetables and fruits on the farm.   In spite of the hard times, they enjoyed good times too, playing cards, homemade games, and people had time to chat and visit, with the Schwander’s large family, they there was always someone around to play or visit with.  Waive wrote in her memories “We enjoyed the simple things of life; a picnic was a pleasure; the county fair a ball!  Everyone went to dances two and three times a week; there was square dancing and round dancing.”   

Fred Junion

In Wisconsin, Fred Junion meets Virginia Bush in the fall of 1930 and they get married and then the following July 1931 their son Richard was born.

Updated: 9.29.2021