Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry

Valiant Station Wagon

Brenda with Plymouth Valent Brenda with Valent station wagon behind her

n May of 1963, Dad traded in the ’55 Chevy and bought a new 1962 Plymouth Valiant V-100 station wagon, putting down $200 and getting a loan for $1,995 from the University Campus Credit Union. It was a lot better than the old Chevy and had more space in the back than the Chevy did in its trunk which was pretty big. Being a station wagon allowed ever ingenious Dad to make a bunk bed in the back for when we went on vacation.  Dad would put suite cases in the back raising it up the level of the back seats and then put a blanket on top to make a bed.  This allowed one of us, Brenda, David or me to lay in the bed while the other two sat in the back seat giving everyone more room.  Beth usually sat up front between Mom and Dad.  After coming back from the mountains Dad wasn’t all that happy about the Valiant. With a slant 6-cylinder, 101 horsepower engine it was fine in flat Florida but it struggled in the mountains of North Carolina.

In June we kids again went to Vacation Bible School at Westside learning more verses and scripture.

Updated: 03-23-2024