Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry

House Addition

With the sale of the old farm completed, Dad got the money and used it to redo the roof of the house and add the addition that Mom had been wanting.  The addition consisted of a new bedroom for Mom and Dad with an attached bathroom and walk in closet.  The addition was built at the back of the house and was entered by going through the small bedroom which was shared by Brenda and Beth.  With the house not having central air conditioning, they had a window unit installed in the back wall of the house. Mom and Dad’s old bedroom then became Brenda’s bedroom with Beth got the small bedroom to herself although not ideal pink princess phonesince Mom and Dad had to walk through it to get to their new bedroom.   I thought it was unfair that Brenda got the large bedroom to herself while David and had still to share our much smaller bedroom, oh well.  Brenda even got her own phone, pink princes’ phone, because “She was in high school and need one to talk to her friends.” mom explained.

House in 1967

While our new addition was being built, Betty and Billy moved from their house in Flemington to a house on 36th Terrace, the next street over from our house.  With them being so close we spent more getting together at either their house or ours for holidays, to play cards, a cookout and always to watch the Gators play on TV.

Updated: 09-28-2022

9th Grade