Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry

Westwood Yearbook

As was the custom I took my yearbook around with me from class to class and asked people to sign it. One of the first wrote on the inside front cover, “To the only kid I know who gives explosives to Jimmy Carpenter. Remember Pow.  Your Friend & mine, Bill Howell.” It seems word had leaked out about the PE locker room escapade. Of the thirty some kids that signed my yearbook only three were girls and ten were for my brother David.  David had wanted a year book but Mom said we had to share so ten of the signatures in the back were David’s friends.   

 My last year at Westwood came to an end with mixed results with me barely making a D in Spanish, a little better in English with a D+, improving to a C+ in typing, the expected B in PE,  a B in BSCS and what was becoming one of my favorite subjects, a B+ in Algebra.  I was happy that I didn’t flunk English and Spanish.  Other than struggling with Spanish and English, I have fond memories of my years at Westwood.