Mixsonian Larry


Christmas was a real bummer, I wrote…

December 25, 1974

It was the night before Christmas and all though the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But Larry was.   Yes, I’m stirring. My trip to Miami turned out to be somewhat of a bummer. I believe Elizabeth moved out of her house and has moved in with Fred. I believe she will be going with him to the Dominican Republic for a couple of months. Yes, I’m upset. Merry Christmas Larry. I will have known Elizabeth a year in January. We have had many good, and bad, times together. What a way to bring things to a close with her going back to Fred and away.   Ah, there is nothing like the feeling of being alone with the one I care the most about with someone else. What do I do? I cry. I just hope she is happy and will remain so. As each year goes by I have become more withdrawn. It becomes increasingly difficult to relate to other people. But I try, and have tried harder with Elizabeth and have had a greater success with Elizabeth than anyone else. It has also caused me more pain and sadness than with anyone else.   I am a dreamer. My head is in the clouds. My heart with Elizabeth. When I see her, when I can hold her close, smell her hair, hear her breathing, feel the warmth of her body I am happy.

What had started out as a good year ended with me once again spending New Year’s alone.  I had no idea where Elizabeth was, probably with Fred.

Updated: 12-31-2022