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About Time

The movement through time, past, present and future also fascinated me and I wrote:

Journal Entry
September 28, 1977  

Reality grasps my soul, forcing me into a state of consciousness that I seldom experience. My surrounding becomes crystal clear, things taking shape as they never have before. Images become sharp, cutting into my mind. I reach out and touch as I never have before, and I ask repeatedly, What Am I! Just a body, or a soul, perhaps a body in a soul. What is real today is but a dream tomorrow. The things that I hold and cherish today fade into the past to became distorted by memory. Cause and effect is but a continuous cycle .

Where my mind leads, I will go.  Nothing exists but the present, continually fading into the past, the future but a moment away. But that moment is so brief, like a mathematical point, existing but infinitely small. Time. The past is unreachable and the future yet to come. Time. Reality exists but only in one’s mind.  Events in the past only exist if they cause repercussions into the future. Like sound, created in the past but the sound persists into the future via sound ways in dome media.  Without media to exist in, sound does not perpetuate into the future. As with all things, a media must exist in which they travel into time or else they do not exist.

Although work was going well, moving to a new city where I had no friends sometimes put me in a melancholy mood, I wrote:

I consider myself a cross between and intellectual, a technician and an artist, perhaps with a touch of fool, being a bit arrogant and proud.  But above all, being rational, although with intense emotion. Finding joy and beauty in all, for from the proper perspective, all has beauty and joy springs from Beauty.

Updated: 04-03-2023

Melancholy Mood