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In January I received a letter from Melody which made me feel better. 

After reading the letter I wrote in my journal…

Journal Entry
January 22, 1978

The things I would like to say! Yes, I have many things, thoughts, ideas, questions, and even some answers, that I could talk about but who is there to listen? Well, if you couldn’t guess, no one at the moment, so I write.  Elizabeth called today, a pleasant surprise. I called Suzie yesterday, she’s doing well. Got a letter from Melody last week, she’s not doing so well. I invited her down, I feel I can help her. I seem to like women who need help. I play the White Knight.

After the above entry, later the same day I wrote…

What am I like? Who am I? Now a quarter of century old, what while the next quarter be like?  Life. What is the meaning of it? Well, after giving the subject some thought I have come to the conclusion that the only purpose in/of life is to live! Simple enough, but what is it to live? Maintenance of the body? That’s easy enough but is there more to life than just keep the body alive? Man has become so successful at surviving that he must create artificial goals to survive.

I know that this can’t make much sense at the moment for my thoughts are random. The subject of life, death, religion, and other philosophical subjects I give much thought. I guess I am searching, like many others, for some purpose that I can direct my life to fulfill. Making a living is easy, it becomes boring. Adventure, excitement I look for but find little of. I’m young, for of get up and go but with no where to go. A dreamer I am.

Updated: 03-20-2023

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