Mixsonian Larry


April Fool

April 1st or should I say April’s Fools Day came and I had not heard from Elizabeth since January and I wrote…

Journal Entry
April 1, 1978
Leaving You
Forget me Elizabeth,
For I am nothing,
I have nothing to say.
Please don’t call me,
For I won’t call you,
I have nothing more to say.
You have gone your way,
I have gone my way,
Is there any more to say?
Good bye Elizabeth,
God bye I say,
You have gone your way,
I have gone my way,
I have nothing more to say.

In May I wrote the following in my journal, it was the inception of my stories about the Mixson family and later my Deeply Rooted stories.

Journal Entry
May 28, 1978
Sunday Morning, early…

The month of May always seems to be an uneventful month, at least in the sense of events remembered. It is an easy month, not too hot like upcoming June, May passes slowly if as a youngster in school because of anticipation of the summer break, marking the real beginning of summer.

- Mixson Family
My Grandparents were simple famers. Small time, they lived simply, but comfortly. Old time southern wood frame house. I remember the old windmill for water, the out house completed with the Sears and Roebuck catalog. I remember when mom and dad gave my grandparents their first gas stove and those warm summer nights sitting on the front porch on the swing.  Yes, my grandparents were simple folk, not poor, but close. My parents moved to the city, first generation city folk. Nice house in the suburbs on the right side of town. They have always made a good living. They lived comfortly. A bit better educated (sometimes I wonder about  my own education the way I spell)  The though I’m trying to describe is the progression from simple lifestyle, low level education to complex lifestyle, highly education that has been made over the past three generations of the Mixson family.   Genealogy, a fascinating subject. Life styles is also an interesting subject.

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