Mixsonian Larry


Back to School? 

When I Gainesville back in ’76 my college degree was only half, maybe two thirds done.  Not having a degree didn’t seem to affect my job as a programmer, actually I was doing quite well but I started thinking about going back.  I wrote in my journal…

October 17, 1978

I have recently been giving some thought to the matter of my continuing education. In regard to my professional education I would say that it has slowed down a bit but is still continuing at a fair pace, probably more in the areas of experience and management than that of the technical aspect, which is, I think best for the moment.

What worries me more than my professional education is my studies in other areas that I deem important. Not only are there my practical studies and pursuits, my physical training and conditioning, and my emotional stability/control and the pursuit of happiness, but there are the intellectual pursuits, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, physical sciences, sociology, astronomy, engineering, mathematics, etc.   

And there are the Arts: music, poetry, dance, graphic arts….  

Yes, so many things to experience and explore, the marvel of an infinite universe!

Updated: 04-04-2023