Mixsonian Larry



Journal Entry
December 3, 1978
A beautiful Sunday morning.
A touch of loneliness sets in
I put a bit of Dylan on
With thoughts of her in my mind
Where is she, where has she gone?
I have been alone too long
She should be with me,
Where she belongs


Christmas 1978Dana, Cork playing Backgammon with Dick, Beth in back

December came and a few days before my birthday I got a card from Mom and Dad with a twenty dollar bill in it.  Mom, Dad, David and Beth all decided to spend Christmas at Aunt Carole’s (Mom’s sister) in Clearwater where Grandma Junior also lived.  Grandma JuniorMy birthday was anticlimactic, falling on Friday, I did take off work but spent my birthday alone, then on Saturday drove over to Clearwater and joined all the family there.  It was a nice Christmas, spending time with the family, playing games and eating together.

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