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Diving Key West

Diving Sand KeyIn April my brother and I went with my friend Craig and his then girlfriend to Key west for several days where we went out diving to Sand Key which is about a thirty minute boat ride out from Key West.  The conditions were not all that good with a 10-15 miles per hour wind blowing and 4-5 foot waves.  We anchored the boat and the leeward side of the Sand Key making conditions a little better.  Even so, we only had less than 20 foot visibility with the bottom quite stirred up from the water moving back and forth with the waves.   I did see a moray eel and a couple of lobster.  One evening we went down to the Key West dock, which is called Mallory Square, to watch the sunset.  Sunset at Mallory Square is a daily festival in which people gather along with street performers to watch the sun set.  I took a photo of a juggler which I later made into a painting.  On the last day of the trip, Craig proposed to his girlfriend who accepted, and they were married later that year.

Juggler at Mallory Square

From the photo I made a few sketches....

Sketch Juggler at Mallory Square

And then I made the following painting. 

Painting - Juggler at Mallory Square
The guy with out a shirt on the left is me. 

Bed and PaintingsA few months later when I showed the painting to Craig, he thought I painted him and his girlfriend sitting on the dock but actually it was the couple in the photo.  Craig didn't have a beard but his girlfriend did have blond hair so I could see why he thought that.  Thirty or so years later I made a bed frame out of maple and made a matching frame for the painting which now hangs over my bed.

Updated: 03-28-2023

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