Mixsonian Larry



In 1980 Grandma Mixson, at the age of 79, started keeping a diary which she made entries off and on throughout the year.  Her diary is filled with everyday things as well as words of wisdom.  

Cook fast so you can spend some time with a child before it disappears into an adult. 

Rosalie Mixson, January 24th, 1980.

Grandma Mixson and a deep connection to the earth, seasons and loved gardening growing both flowers and vegetables, often writing about it in her diary.

   I set out brocclie plants last week. It got pretty cold and the frost hurt them some. Bill (my brother) brought over some of those sweet onion plants and I set out 1/2 a row and planted some carrot seed on the other end. It turned warmer and looks like we will have a few days warm weather. The freeze we had killed the brocclie.

Rosalie Mixson, February 11th, 1980

The garden doen't grow like it should. We have had rain but it drys fast and the ground gets hard as a brick. The beans bloomed but lost all the bloom. The squash I replanted came up good and all the squash look fine. The zinnias are big enough to hoe and that's what I've did this morning, hoeing and this afternoon I dusted the potatoes again. The cukes look yellow, maybe its been too cool for things to grow, its been down in the 40's all this week.

Rosalie Mixson, April 17th, 1980

Updated: 05-10-2023